Woe is my Computer

Baby is sick
Baby is sick

On Sunday morning I turned on my computer like I normally do to discover that my monitor is now broken. Fortunately it isn’t completely broken so it still displays an image, but suffice to say that things are not well in the world of my computer.

The monitor in question is an ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q, capable of 2560 x 1440 resolution at 144Hz (144 fps) also containing support for nVidia G-Sync, a technology that takes your standard vertical sync tech and makes it not shit. The images I’ve been looking at since getting the monitor are amazing and I’ve been so happy with it that I guess it was inevitable to be brought crashing down from my lofty PC-gaming nirvana high.

Fortunately the high price tag ($1,000 Australian) included 3 years warranty, with pickup, however it does mean I will be without a monitor for at least a week.

I’m not very nice when it comes to problems with my computer because of my not-so-secret love affair with it, but I was relatively nice to the ASUS person I spoke with this morning. My former colleagues who’ve heard what I’m like would have been proud.

Updates coming soon.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is the game I mentioned I was gifted a day or so ago and after my initial look at it I think I may be in love.

The art style of the game is like a metropolitan train map with the objective of getting your passengers, indicated by different shapes, to their respective shaped stations.  I’ve surprised myself that this is so appealing to me, but it is deceptively simple and gets challenging quickly.

Considering the game isn’t done I’m amazed by the quality so far. Obviously the gameplay has been thoroughly thought out – so much that I don’t care that there isn’t any sound yet!

It’s only $7 – get it on Steam.

Thanks Michael!

Shuffling Things

I’ve added a ‘links’ list to the site and removed some other unnecessary things (who was using search? not me!). If you would like to join the illustrious members of the link list do let me know.

It helps if I know you.