The Voice Finally Shuts Up

You, sir, are dead to me
You, sir, are dead to me

When they got rid of Elly Oh I said that I wasn’t going to watch anymore, but then they got me back because of Frank and ZK. Now that they’re gone my spirit is well and truly broken – thank you plebs of Australia

I think the thing that kills me most is that Jackson is still there, because I think he’s good at singing one particular type of song but doesn’t have ‘the voice’ for anything else, tonight’s performance of The Police’s classic Every Breath You Take being yet another example.

He was fine until the bridge, when there is supposed to be a rawness to the singers voice. It was lacking because he has no rawness.

Anyway, I hope Jackson doesn’t win because he just isn’t good enough to deserve it.

Knack Attack

Knick Knack
Knick Knack – I’m the first person to ever make this reference

Oui and I were playing and finished Knack on PS4 over the weekend. I’d heard it can be played cooperatively but had no idea exactly how that worked. The second player is a silver/metal Knack and the mechanics are slightly different from the first player, whom I like to call important Knack because he doesn’t disappear for cutscenes.

Important Knack loses size, which relates to damage output, when he takes damage. The second player loses health but not size/damage. If the second player is killed he can respawn in a few seconds right back at the size he was – proportional to important Knack.

So we figured out how to game the system: important Knack stays as far away from enemies as possible while finding as many relics as possible to grow in size, while the second player does all the work of killing stuff.

Obviously I was playing important Knack and Oui was my wrecking ball.

If you’re wondering why we were playing such a mediocre game, it was because Oui liked the cartoony style of graphics.

Gosford via Newcastle

I’m sitting on the train going to my new job on my first day. It’s not really as intimidating as it sounds though – I used to work with everyone at the new company back at the old one before they left to start the company I now work for.

No interview, no first day jitters, no need to prove myself… I like it. I even have friends there already :)

The new job is a little bit further from home than my old one though, but it allows me to catch an express service from Central Station. The downside is that my arrival time is very sensitive to the timeliness of this express service.

The title of this post is a nod to the train announcement this morning that the train I am currently on is a Gosford via Newcastle train – which, if you know NSW at all, is a pretty round about way to get to Gosford from the city.

New, fancier, and more wonderful

I’ve had this domain for so long it’s a wonder that I’ve let it stagnate, especially considering I’ve been paying for it. I’m back now though and to plant a shovel in the moment I will mention that I’ve recently resigned from my old job and am currently enjoying a week-long reprieve before heading off to my new job doing pretty much the same thing I was before.

I’m determined to make this work this time (again) so look forward to exciting things.